Since our founding in 1928,
we have continued taking on new daily challenges,
so that Mitani Sangyo can continue to evolve.

We introduce the distinctive qualities of Mitani Sangyo,
to which we remain faithful, through three intentions
we incorporated into the corporate logo we established in 1983 (the 55th year after our founding).

A dynamism of fluidity and development

Mitani Sangyo, which began as a coal wholesaler in 1928, today offers a broad range of products and services in six business areas.
Together with our clients, we pursue what is ideal with an eye to the future amid changing times. That's our style as both a trading company and a manufacturer.
We'll continue considering the trends of the times to develop our business dynamically and powerfully.

A cool eye and human warmth

Technology makes life convenient and comfortable and expands possibilities.
For technology to truly make society abundant, however, designs that put people's lives and livelihoods first are a necessity.
As an engineering trading company that achieves such designs, we bring value to our partners and clients.

Asserting our uniqueness

There are many wonderful companies in the world. We strive to be in a class of our own, the kind of company clients call by its proper name: Mitani Sangyo.
We want to be an irreplaceable, one-of-a-kind company for our clients, for society and for our employees.
With that goal in mind, we will faithfully work to deliver satisfaction to each and every one of you today, tomorrow and forever.