The Mitani Sangyo Group (hereafter, "the Group") endeavors to strengthen compliance measures in order to foster a wholesome, upright corporate culture in which illegal and inappropriate behavior does not occur, and also works to ensure transparency and efficiency in management operations. These are the foundations of our corporate governance system.

To these ends, we utilize an internal reporting (whistleblowing) system, which we call the Helpline System, to promote self-elimination of inappropriate corporate activities. In addition to this internal system, we have established a system that enables outside parties to submit information (reports) with the aim of further strengthening our compliance framework.

If you as an outside party believe that a member of the Group (encompassing both management and other employees) has or may have committed a compliance violation, please use the dedicated outside-party reporting form (link below) to submit information.

In response to outside-party reports, the Mitani Sangyo Helpline Committee, which is the section of our organization that also handles internal reports, will confirm details of and investigate the situation to the greatest extent possible and take appropriate corrective measures and responses. Additionally, Mitani Sangyo Co., Ltd. (hereafter, "the Company") will inform the information submitter of investigation results and other developments after responding to their report.

By requesting reports from outside parties through this system, we hope to reveal compliance problems that we cannot detect through our internal reporting system, and thus identify violations as quickly as possible and correct them. We ask for your cooperation and support in these efforts.

1. Persons eligible to report

  • Persons employed at a corporation or other organization that does business with the Group
  • Single proprietors and other individuals who do business with the Group

2. Eligible report types

Reports on any compliance violation, suspected or confirmed, by a member of the Group (encompassing both management and other employees).


  • Any unfair business transaction or violation of a law/regulation (kickbacks, false invoices, document falsification, request of inappropriate services or gifts, etc.)
  • Harassment (power harassment, sexual harassment, etc.) or any other such activity that violates any person's human rights
  • Taking advantage of one's position to harass or bully others
  • Any other action that is considered inappropriate according to corporate culture norms

Please note that reports relating to personal disputes between individuals, reports considered to be defamation (slander/libel), and other reports that lack reliable grounds are not handled by this reporting system. The Company may be unable to respond to such reports, and may be unable to contact the reporting person in response to such reports. Even in the case of a legitimate report, please understand that we may decide at our own discretion not to carry out any response or contact.

3. Basic response procedures for outside-party reports

4. Important notes on reporting

  • After the Company has received a report through this system, the Company will send a confirmation e-mail to the reporting person notifying them of report receipt.
  • The Company may, after securing permission from the reporting person, contact said person's affiliated company/organization in order to confirm said person's identity and details relating to the report.
  • The Company accepts anonymous reports and reports submitted under pseudonyms. However, in such cases it may not be possible for the Company to sufficiently confirm situation details and carry out investigations, and/or notify the reporting person of corrective measure and response results. The Company asks that, whenever possible, the reporting person discloses their real name and contact information when making a report.
  • In accordance with Company regulations, the Company strictly manages any information received on the reporting person as well as any information provided in the report. The Company does not disclose any of said information for any purpose other than confirming details relating to the report, conducting investigations in response to the report, carrying out corrective measures and responses, and similar actions without first obtaining consent from the reporting person (except in cases where disclosure is required by law).
  • With the exception of reports made with malicious intent for purposes of defamation (slander/libel), the Company will not treat the reporting person or their affiliated company/organization in any unfavorable way in response to a report.

5. Reporting method

To make a report, please fill out all required fields in the dedicated report form (link below) and submit.

Contact point for reports:

Mitani Sangyo Co., Ltd. Helpline Committee