In July 2023, we established a Sustainability Committee to proactively address issues related to sustainability,
and the Mitani Sangyo Group Basic Sustainability Policy was formulated as follows.
We will continue our business activities based on this Basic Policy,
and will strive to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society and further enhance the value of our Group.

Mitani Sangyo Group Basic Sustainability Policy

We, the Mitani Sangyo Group, believe that our mission is to contribute to the sustainable development and abundance of society while enhancing our corporate value through honest and fair business activities as a member of society with good sense.
We will push forward with initiatives that contribute to improving the sustainability of not only the Mitani Sangyo Group but also society as a whole in accordance with the spirit of our “Mitani Sangyo Group’s Charter of Corporate Ethics.”

[Contribute to a recycling-oriented society]

  • We will work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by promoting thorough energy saving, and cleaner power consumption, etc. in order to realize a decarbonized society
  • We will promote activities that contribute to the conservation of the global environment, such as the effective utilization and recycling of the earth’s resources, in all of our business activities, from raw material procurement to production, distribution, consumption, disposal, and recycling of products.
  • In carrying out the initiatives described above, we will work to create products and services that contribute to the realization of a recycling-oriented society through our Group’s own DX and innovation or through business and collaboration with partner companies who drive innovation.

[Realize a more abundant society]

  • We respect the human rights and diversity of all people involved in Mitani Sangyo Group’s business activities.
  • We will build and maintain a safe, secure, and rewarding work environment where it is easy to work.
  • We support the growth and success of each Group employee, and encourage them to take on challenges.

[Establish a sound business management structure]

  • We will further strengthen our governance, compliance, and risk management activities to ensure compliance with laws and regulations and prevent scandals.
  • We will engage in fair and equitable transactions with all of our business partners.
  • We aim to enhance the sense of trust and expectations of all stakeholders, including our customers, suppliers, local communities, shareholders, and officers and employees, and to achieve mutual growth, through the timely and appropriate disclosure of corporate information and proactive communication.

[Increase our corporate value]

  • We aim to maximize the Group’s strengths by expanding and deepening the overlap between the various business sectors in which we operate.
  • We will utilize our knowledge and technology not only to respond to customer requests as is, but also to pursue true optimization that balances short-term issue resolution, creation of value over the medium to long term, and the sustainable development of society.


Our Group has established a “Sustainability Committee” chaired by the President & CEO and made up of the responsible persons of related business divisions as well as advisors, to deliberate and decide on Group-wide sustainability policies and measures, and to manage the progress of these measures.
The results of these deliberations are regularly reported to the Board of Directors, which serves a supervisory role.
We have also established subcommittees of Sustainability Committee, made up of persons in charge from each business division, headquarters, and each Group company to facilitate fulfilling discussions and flexible response.

Risk Management

Our Group has established a “Risk Management Committee” chaired by the Director in charge of risk management in order to earn the trust of our stakeholders and fulfill our corporate social responsibility by endeavoring to understand the various risks faced by the Group and take measures against such risks in order to reduce the frequency of occurrence and minimize losses.
The Risk Management Committee identifies important company-wide risks and opportunities, and deliberates on the outcomes of the analysis of risks and opportunities in each business division and Group company. The outcomes of the Risk Management Committee’s deliberation are reflected in the implementation of risk countermeasures and the execution of business.
We have also established an environmental management system (EMS) based on ISO 14001 to respond to environmental issues, and the outcomes of EMS activities are reported to the Risk Management Committee.
Please refer to the following URL for more information on risk management.