Fulfilling our customers' requests,
and pursuing what is ideal for them.

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My name is Tadateru Mitani, and I am the CEO of Mitani Sangyo.
Thanks to the support of countless people, Mitani Sangyo has transformed along with the changes of time and celebrated our 95th anniversary this year. Ever since we started out selling coal in Kanazawa, we've pursued what was ideal for our clients. Still today, every single one of our personnel treasures the spirit of anticipating and responding to the needs of the times.

It is said that the problems companies and society in general face today cannot be resolved by professionals of a single department due to several different fields being intricately related with every factor. We believe that by enhancing the expertise of each area while also reinforcing the ties between differing business fields, we can capitalize on our strength of being a conglomerate.

We thank you for your unwavering support and hope for your continuous patronage.

President & CEO Tadateru Mitani

President & CEO
Tadateru Mitani

Corporate philosophy

Aiming to become a one-of-a-kind company for you

We aim to offer a unique "special value" not available in other companies and strive to sustain it.
Through this, we believe we can build a relationship with our customers
in which we can become a "one-of-a-kind company" for them, creating a strong bond.

In order to increase the number of such customers,
companywide efforts are being made focused on the following three points:

Maintaining Ethical Management Practices

Strengthen compliance to build a clean company ethos,
and ensure transparent and efficient management.

Creating a Continuous Profit

Generate a steady profit as we expand our business with every term.

Building a Strong Management Base

Continue to provide a stable dividend for our shareholders
while securing necessary internal reserves.