Subsidiary in Japan Active Pharma Co., Ltd. Production and sales of active pharmaceutical ingredients/pharmaceutical intermediates etc.
MIRAI KASEI INC. Sales of chemical industry and food additives
Mitani Sangyo EC CO., LTD.
  • We are also engaged in energy-related businesses.
The sale of chemicals
NAGANO SARAYA SYOKAI INC. Sales of chemicals and facilities for water treatment.
Overseas subsidiary Aureole Mitani Chemical & Environment Inc. Production and sales of chemical, environmental consulting
Aureole Logistics of Chemical Inc. Sales of chemical
Aureole Fine Chemical Products Inc. Manufacturing of functional materials
Associated company Tama Kagaku Kogyo Co., Ltd Production and distribution of medical and agrochemical intermediates and other chemical goods.

Resin, Electronics

Overseas subsidiary Aureole Business Components & Devices Inc. Assembly and manufacturing of resin molding products, electronic parts
Aureole unit‐Devices Manufacturing Service Inc Manufacturing of resin molding products, composite unit products (electronic parts, resin molding products)

Information Systems

Subsidiary in Japan D-CIRCLE Inc. Sales of package software and package software development
Confidential Service Co., Ltd. Operating the Data Center and Planning Services
Arumu System Corp. Development of software
T.S. Corp. Development of software
MA.F.E. Corp. Development of software
Overseas subsidiary Inter-Technology Infrastructure Research Co., Ltd. Research and analysis of leading edge technology information of computer industry
Aureole Information Technology Inc. Development of software correspond to the internet
Associated company Hokuriku Computer Service Co., Ltd. Sales of computers, software development and a trustee of calculation

Air Conditioning Systems

Subsidiary in Japan Mitani Sangyo Constructions Co., Ltd.
  • The company is also engaged in the housing equipment business.
Sales of air conditioning equipment and design and installation of air conditioning equipment and of plumbing and sanitary equipment.
Overseas subsidiary Aureole Construction Software Development Inc. CAD design and estimations of Air Conditioning Facilities Construction, household equipment, original fixtures furniture
Associated company Fujii Kucho Kougyo Co., Ltd. Design and construction of air conditioning, water supply and drainage and electric equipment

Housing Equipment

Subsidiary in Japan INFILL Co., Ltd. Sales, design and installation of housing equipment, original brand products.
Mitani Sangyo Constructions Co., Ltd.
  • The company is also engaged in the air conditioning systems business.
Sales, design and installation of housing equipment, air conditioning equipment.
JAXSON Corporation Development, manufacturing and sales of high-grade bathtubs and bathrooms
Tesera Co., Ltd. Development, manufacturing and sales of Tesera interior brand products
Associated company Denka Ready Mixed Concrete Takayama Co. , Ltd. Manufacture and sale of Fresh Concrete


Subsidiary in Japan Mitani Sangyo EC CO., LTD.
  • The company is also engaged in the chemicals business.
Sales of petroleum products, LPG, home-use fuel cells and solar power generator systems.


Subsidiary in Japan Mitani Investment Co. , Ltd. Investment and training to intra-venture bussiness
MITANI SANGYO ADONIS CO., LTD. Maintenance and management of condominiums and buildings; temporary staffing; sales of mobile communication equipment and supplies such as computer, business equipment; printing of business cards; travel agency.
Auros Technologies, LLC. Research and development of surface modification technology using plasma, as well as the manufacturing, planning, sales, and provision of services related to these products.
Carbon Ventures Co., Ltd. Investment, management support and consulting for start-up
Overseas subsidiary Aureole Expert Integrators Inc. Office management, human resources related business
Pear Investment Pte Ltd Investment and lending to overseas subsidiaries
Associated company Nikko Company Manufacture and sale of pottery & porcelain, electronic ceramics and housing & environmental equipment
Visage Kanri Co., Ltd. Management of a building and a parking lot