Fostering a clean corporate climate and ensuring transparent, sound, and efficient management

Our Basic Stance on Corporate Governance

Our Group regards the maintaining of a "clean" corporate culture that eliminates wrongful conduct through strengthened compliance and the pursuit of management transparency and efficiency as the cornerstones of corporate governance. Informed by this perspective and based on our management philosophy, we believe management compliance with laws and regulations forms the foundation of corporate activity, and work to enhance the level of internal awareness of legal compliance while continually cultivating a corporate culture that eliminates antisocial behavior or wrongful conduct. Additionally, with regard to the October 26, 2004 disclosure of an improper transaction during the preceding financial year, we sincerely regret to have caused a serious incident. We have since reviewed our internal control system and risk management system, and also worked to further strengthen our internal check-and-balance system to prevent misconduct.

Outside-party Reporting System

We utilize an internal reporting (whistleblowing) system to promote self-elimination of inappropriate corporate activities. In addition to this internal system, we have established a system that enables outside parties to submit information (reports) with the aim of further strengthening our compliance framework.