Continuing to be a good company
through management goals that focus on
more than just profitability

In order to continue being a good company, we focus on strengthening of our business base, pursuing growth with a good balance between short-term and mid-to-long-term profits, and achieving both Company and public benefits through our operations.

Because the results of these efforts are sometimes difficult to convey through annual financial statements and reports alone, we have decided to provide detailed explanations of our specific targets and levels of progress and achievement for the current fiscal year.

Business Reforms Category/Public-benefit Projects Category/Business Base Category

Overview of the Company Well-being Index1

FY 2023
FY 2024

Business Base Category

Employee engagement scores
(satisfaction with the Company, superiors, wages, human resources system, business tasks, employee benefits, etc.)

Company standing

Unscheduled (extra) working hours2 (managerial positions; average monthly hours per person)
Domestic Consolidation
Construction Segment
Domestic Consolidation
less than 50hours
Construction Segment
less than 50hours
Unscheduled (extra) working hours2 (non-managerial positions; average monthly hours per person)
Domestic Consolidation
Construction Segment
Domestic Consolidation
less than 30hours
Construction Segment
less than 35hours
Childcare leave utilization rates
Our Male Employees
Domestic Consolidation Male
Our Female Employees
Domestic Consolidation Female
Domestic Consolidation Male
Domestic Consolidation Female
Number of employees who took at least 10 days of paid leave annually
Domestic Consolidation
Domestic Consolidation
75% or higher
Percent of employees with continuous three-year employment following initial hire (new-graduate hires)
Our Employees
Domestic Consolidation
Domestic Consolidation
75% or higher
Percent of employees with continuous three-year employment following initial hire (mid-career hires)
Our Employees
Domestic Consolidation
Domestic Consolidation
80% or higher
Percent of employees with continuous over three-year employment following initial hire3
Our Employees
Domestic Consolidation
95% or higher

Quality management

Percent of quality targets achieved4
[Number of completed targets ÷ Total number of targets]
90% or higher
Rate of problem reoccurrence based on the same mode5by individual department/division
[Number of reoccurrences for the department/division ÷ Number of reoccurrence prevention measures implemented by the department/division]

Safety and peace of mind

Number of workplace accidents based on the same mode5
Number of labor accidents occurring during new tasks not included in the work manual
※Newly added for FY2023

Business Reforms Category

Number of press releases announcing new measures aimed at new business creation
(Note: we aim to put out a predetermined number of releases each fiscal year)
18 or higher
Number of actions contributing to synergies between business divisions
200 or higher
Improvement of overall company-wide understanding of AI and deep learning
[G Test acquisition rate: number of certified employees / total number of employees]
Newly added for FY2023
75% or higher

Public-benefit Projects Category

Funds invested in public-benefit projects
Approx. 260 million yen *cumulative total
Public-benefit projects
See chart below

1 When selecting which indicators to use, we chose rational management-related indicators with an emphasis on sustained efforts into the future. We may revise and re-select indicators on an annual basis.
2 Regular scheduled work hours are defined as 7.5 hours per day for 5 business days each week (break times not included).
3 Refers to a non-managerial employees classified as experts and specialists in the company
4 Quality targets are multiple targets set individually by department/division throughout the Group, whose fulfillment is either considered mandatory or are believed to contribute to quality-related improvements as the department/division in question pursues them (even if they are not fulfilled). Therefore, we do not simply aim to achieve 100 percent for all targets; rather, our goal is to use the percent of quality targets achieved as a yardstick for overall quality management level improvements achieved throughout the Group as a whole.
5 "Same mode" in this case means the same cause(s), reason or mechanism.

Business Base Category

In the Business Base Category, we strive to foster a corporate climate that discourages improprieties, improve internal controls, and take other such measures for the sake of realizing fair and just business operations for the Group and equal distribution of profits. At the same time, we are pursuing measures such as workplace improvements and employee benefits system improvements in order to raise employee happiness levels. To these ends, we have establish primary managerial goals for the current fiscal year.

Based on the Mitani Sangyo Group Charter of Corporate Ethics, we utilize the following indicators and systems in pursuit of full and thoroughgoing compliance as well as the necessary business foundations for perpetual corporate growth.

Employee workplace satisfaction and level of enthusiasm with work

It is important to make sure that employees can pursue their work in an energized and enthusiastic manner, as this the basis for sustained corporate growth. Therefore, we have employees answer a questionnaire every year so that we can understand their levels of satisfaction with the Company, their superiors, wages, the human resources system, business tasks, employee benefits and other such factors. Based on this information, we take measures to maintain or exceed sufficient satisfaction levels in said areas.

Assessment based on objective data of whether work environments provide for adequate physical and mental health among employees

Factors when assessing company standing:

  • Unscheduled (extra) working hours
  • Childcare leave utilization rates
  • Percent of employees taking 10 or more days of paid leave annually
  • Percent of employees with continuous three-year employment following initial hire

In order to enable employees to do their best work, it is vital to ensure good physical and mental health, and to this end we must foster workplaces and a corporate culture that support this.
We utilize a unique "company standing" assessment approach in order to evaluate the statuses of our workplaces and set targets based on the following items in an effort to cultivate even better workplaces.

Whether results-focused approaches and reassignments are making employees uncertain or worried about their lives

Rather than relying on a traditional seniority-based approach to determine wages, we determine employee wages based on biannual, individually established targets and subsequent evaluation of results. This helps employees to grow and feel more satisfied with their job. Furthermore, because results-based wage determination systems and company-ordered reassignments can have highly adverse effects on an employee's ability to stay involved with their child's education, we offer various types of financial support to workers with children that are provided separately from wages. Moving forward, we will continue fostering environments where all employees can work free from worry and focus fully on their jobs.

  • Scholarship grant system
  • Child support scholarship system
  • Overseas-employee children's education support funding system
Scholarship Grants, Child Support Scholarships and Overseas-employee Children's Education Support Funding

A company conducts business operations based on relationships of trust with its clients. Therefore, we have established and operate management systems for purposes of guaranteeing acceptable quality levels and improving quality further, with the goal of serving clients reliably while delivering quality that exceeds client expectations to leave them highly impressed and satisfied.

operate management systems for purposes of guaranteeing acceptable quality levels and improving quality further

Business Reforms Category

In the Business Reforms Category, we carry out necessary investment activities, utilize inventive ideas and measures in business operations, and develop new technologies, products and services for the sake of sustained, long-term growth for the entire Group. In order to implement these and similar measures aimed at greater competitive advantages, we have establish primary managerial goals for the current fiscal year.

In these times of tumultuous change, we pursue the following measures as part of efforts to identify potential needs throughout society first before any other company does in a manner tailored to the current era, and to develop the dynamism necessary to cultivate new business.

We believe it is important to continually create new business, while also maintaining a good balance between value provided and revenue bases rooted in existing business. Based on this thinking, we set targets for specific numbers of new products and new services to debut each year.
In order to reach these targets, we pursue the following as high-priority measures.

  • Handling and introducing within the Company new products and services from startups and other such sources
  • Holding of the in-house MITANI Business Contest as well as cooperation and support for startup incubators, accelerator programs, etc.
  • Joint research and development together with other companies, universities, etc.
  • Considering and pursuing new in-house ventures and new business ideas
MITANI Business Contest

At our company, which operates across six business segments, we believe it is crucial to conduct business on multiple layers—not just as a trading company, but also as a manufacturer and consultant at times. With this in mind, we aim to achieve a certain number of actions that contribute to inter-business synergy each year. Additionally, as part of our efforts to realize a set number of inter-business synergies, we engage in activities where our business divisions and group companies exchange information and introduce clients to one another.

Based on the belief that it is crucial to generate discontinuous changes and achieve efficiency at a different dimension from traditional methods, we aim to promote operational efficiency through the utilization of AI and deep learning. As a first step, we set a goal for the acquisition rate of the G Test (Generalist Test in Deep Learning) among all employees. All of our directors and auditors have passed the G test.

Public-benefit Projects Category

Regarding the Public-benefit Projects Category, the Group serves as a public institution in pursuit of projects that provide significant public benefits for purposes of promoting development and advancements in harmony with local society and the global environment. These measures and projects include contributing to the cultural development of humankind, helping people in disaster-struck areas recover and return to their normal daily lives as quickly as possible, and other meaningful support efforts that we are particularly well-equipped as a Group to carry out. The following are some of the major efforts we have carried out this fiscal year.

We pursue the following measures to provide meaningful public benefits without generating any direct profit, with the goal of continually contributing to society.


Recognizing unmet social needs and considering what we should do to ensure that our lives and activities remain sustainable for the next 100 to 200 years, we have no intention of engaging in irresponsible donations or charitable activities that overlook immediate problems or are beyond our corporate capacity. Instead, we aim to address issues and challenges in order of proximity to the core of the concentric circles of relationships we have been fortunate to establish.

In the fiscal year 2023, we invested approximately 260 million yen in public welfare activities. The main projects we have undertaken as public welfare activities are as follows:

  • Support for areas affected by The 2024 Noto Peninsula Earthquake (approximately 120 million yen)
  • Donations to MITANI Foundation for Protection of Cultural and Artistic Properties
  • Reconstruction support activities for orphans of the Great East Japan Earthquake (Miyagi Prefecture)
  • Maintenance of "Kanazawa Machiya" facilities
  • Operational support for Mimimi Lab