Mitani Sangyo,
as a member of society with good sense,
believes it is our corporate mission to act responsibly
and contribute to the development and abundance of society.
Through our business we create value and share the profit
with our shareholders, employees and society.
We are a company that makes contributing to society one of its objectives
and prides itself on this fact.

Initiatives in Hokuriku, where we were founded

In the 1960s, we called for the opening of a Kanazawa Port to develop the regional economy
and started a movement along with Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture, and the industrial world.
This contributed to the port opening in 1970.
We also participated in a redevelopment project for the Kanazawa station-front area the following year.
We continue this corporate stance today,
proactively working to invigorate the region and carry on and develop its culture.

Example initiatives

Supporting Ishikawa/Kanazawa Spring Green Music Festival / Supporting sports events like the Kaga Hyakumangoku Two-Day Walk / Supporting the women's volleyball team PFU BlueCats (part of the V.League) / Participating in regional events such as the Hyakumangoku Odorinagashi (Kanazawa Hyakumangoku Festival) / Donating educational ICT equipment to schools (a Mitani Sangyo 90th anniversary project) / Putting on lectures by well-known people at the Mitani Information Fair and Mitani Air Conditioning Seminar, business contests and workshops.

Initiatives in our second hometown of Vietnam

Vietnam, where we have had business bases since 1994,
is so important to us we could call it our second hometown.
We hold the industry-government-academia public meeting Aureole Conference,
which has a theme of human resource training,
every year to contribute to the development
of Vietnam's economy and its industrial competitiveness.
We also are active on the cultural front,
including supporting a project to repair and preserve paintings
that are Vietnamese national treasures and pass them on to future generations.

Example initiatives

Aureole Conference / Aureole Fair / The Nguyễn Phan Chánh Painting Repair Project / Supporting the soccer tournament "Vietnam-Japan International Youth Cup U13 in Bình Dương Province" / Joint Research with the Japanese Department of Foreign Trade University (certified as a Japan-Vietnam Diplomatic Relations 45th Anniversary Project)

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Solving social problems through business

With our operations, we work to solve social issues through business.
By leveraging the technology and expertise
we have gained through our various businesses and our broad customer network,
we are working to eliminate various problems in society and offer safety and abundance.

Example initiatives

By recycling metal from industrial waste, we put the planet's limited natural resources to good use / Achieving security and universal health coverage through our support and training of people at cooperative construction companies and others / Reducing the burden on teachers with our ICT-based school affairs assistance system to help create more time to interact directly with students / Offering comfort to users of hospitals and rehabilitation facilities for the elderly by developing housing facilities and equipment using universal design principles

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Offering opportunities for people
to make an active contribution

Today, when diversity is so respected,
it is essential to create environments where people can work flexibly
to suit their various situations and make an active contribution.
Mitani Sangyo is proactively working to support people in their efforts to balance work with childcare,
nursing family members and caring for the sick and
to create environments in which it is easy for persons with handicaps to work.
We are also supporting educational opportunities with the system
we created to provide an educational allowance proportionate
to university tuition when our employees' children receive a higher education.

Example initiatives

Staggered working hours, shortened working hours and various leave systems to support balancing work with childcare, nursing family members and caring for the sick. / Universally accessible offices / An educational allowance system for employees' children / Employing athletes / Support for Japanese-language education for non-Japanese employees / A telecommuting system

Activities to support disaster-affected regions

When a large-scale natural disaster such as an earthquake or torrential rain occurs,
many people are immediately impacted and must endure a long and difficult time
before they can return to a peaceful life.
Regardless of whether or not these numerous disasters affect our business,
as members of society, we at Mitani Sangyo strive to do everything
we can to support the psychology recovery of those impacted.
Since the 2011 East Japan earthquake and tsunami,
we have presented people suffering in the wake of the disaster with tableware manufactured
by our associate Nikko Company as well as providing financial donations and hosting creative workshops
for children who lost their parents in the disaster and their families.

Examples of disasters targeted by support activities

Great East Japan earthquake/Nagano-ken Kamishiro fault earthquake/2016 Kumamoto earthquakes/The torrential rain in Northern Kyushu in July 2017/2018 Japan floods/2018 Hokkaido Eastern Iburi earthquake/Typhoon Faxai (Reiwa 1 Bōsō Peninsula Typhoon)/Typhoon Hagibis (Reiwa 1 East Japan Typhoon)/2020 Kyushu floods
2018 Hualien earthquake/2011 Thailand floods/2011 Van earthquakes