Mitani Sangyo Co., Ltd. Mitani Sangyo Co., Ltd. Mitani Sangyo Co., Ltd.

We produce automotive parts, precision parts, appearance trim (decorative trim), original parts, special moldings with highest standard of quality management level.

Main Product Line

Automotive Parts
Protector Relay box Foamed resin Connector holder
Precision parts, Appearance trim, Original products
Battery pack Perm rods Connector Oriental Zodiac strap
Special Moldings
DSI (Die Slide Injection)

Total Coordination from 3D Design to Die Training and Mass Production

Planning & Design

By planning & design, we provide benefits such as Q (quality) improvement, C (cost) reduction and D (delivery period) shortening etc.


Production-friendly products design

Reflect optimal die shape in consideration of draft angle and slide etc. in the design stage, prevent die trouble in mass production.

Die cost reduction

We provide dies with the most suitable die constructure and cost reducing.

Shortening delivery period for die manufacturing

Utilize thorough process FMEA in the design stage to reduce design modification when transiting mass production design data.

Proposal for VA, VE

We deliberate many factors surrounding products, and propose the best product offering.

  • VA/VE = Value Analysis, Value Engineering


Proposal for optimum molding compound

Propose low price materials which satisfy your demands (Asian materials, African materials and etc.)

Proposal for optimum die

Propose the optimum die structure which utilize CAE system such as flow analysis, structure analysis and etc.

Total cost reduction

Propose component procurement and logistics to suit your situation.