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By utilizing Vietnam subsidiaries and die manufacturer, we provide speedily die with Japanese quality.

Self-Manufacture of Dies

To meet the demand of increasing Vietnam local procurement rate from clients,
we've started die manufacturing dies in Vietnam since November 2010.


Achieve the Japanese quality in Vietnam

We make dies with Japanese quality by utilizing diligent character and low cost labors of Vietnamese based on Japanese design concept.

Transfer smoothly from die manufacturing plant to molding plant

It is able to transfer smoothly from die manufacturing plant attached to molding plant.

Quick response to troubles

We can deal with troubles about dies quickly when mass producing.

Electrical discharge machine
Machining center
NC milling machine
Wire electrical discharge machine

Local Procurement of Dies in Vietnam

We procure dies from some partner companies including Japanese companies in Ho Chi Minh area.


Make dies with Japanese quality

We can manufacture dies with Japanese quality in Vietnam by technical assistance from ACT-T Corporation.

Shortening delivery period of die manufacturing/repairing/remodelling

Delivery period can be shortened by carrying out continuously from die manufacturing to mass producing in Vietnam.

Die cost reduction

Able to reduce die cost by utilizing Vietnam die manufacturer.

By sharing die manufacturing and know-hows die manufacturers in Vietnam (die specifications, standards for die design, procedures and method for die manufacture), we can manufacture dies with Japanese quality.