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We carry out from parts procurement to parts mounting and functional inspection to achieve assembled substrates which are used in various fields according to customer's needs.

Main Product Line

Assembled Substrates
Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA)
  • Power-supply control, hydraulic control for ascent/descent operation, switch function control and etc.
Electronic Parts
Alumina substrates Glazed substrates LTCC
  • Besides the products listed above, we also deal in various kinds of products.

Flow of Product Offerings

Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA)

Various substrates are used in the following products.

  • Chair (controller, power-supply)
  • Controller (treadmill, water heater, weight scale and etc.)
  • Light (touchless lights which are used in dentistry)

The products produced in our group is used in various fields, and we also assist customer's manufacturing with quality, cost and delivery period.

Electronic Parts

Alumina substrates


  • 96% , 99.5% alumina substrates.
  • High thermal conductivity, Superior shock resistance.
  • High surface resistivity and volume resistivity, Superior electrical insulation.
Glazed substrates


  • These substrates offer excellent surface flatness by coating the Alumina substrate surface with non-crystallized glass.
  • Also available are Edge Processed substrates, such as R Edge substrates, C Edge substrates, and partially etched glazed substrates.


  • Achieve high number of layers.
  • Fine Line, small diameter via capabilities.
  • Various layer thicknesses available.
  • Capable of offering a Cavity structure.
  • Capable of embedded L. C, R components.
  • Capable of co-firing surface conductor and overcoat glass.