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Information Systems
We provide the system integration each customer truly needs

Business Overview

Our original groupware Power Egg was born from Mitani Sangyo's in-house needs. Our outsourcing service meets customers' intricate needs using a data center whose security level meets national defense requirements. Leveraging the strength of our offshore development in Vietnam, where we have achieved speed, low cost and high-quality, we optimally integrate backbone systems and network infrastructure. This includes planning, design, development, configuration, installation, operational support and maintenance.
Since starting our business in 1966, we have grown it in the Hokuriku and Tokyo Metropolitan areas by making proposals to maximize the efficacy of customers' system investments. In the future, by strengthening partnerships with other divisions and learning about their work, we will solve more advanced customer problems. At the same time, we are promoting initiatives that actively use cutting-edge technologies such as IoT and AI to contribute to customer competitiveness.

Business Overview
Our original groupware POWER EGG

Our original groupware POWER EGG was born from Mitani Sangyo's in-house needs

The groupware POWER EGG is the result of converting into a package product an in-house system Mitani Sangyo created to find and solve problems in the business workplace. So far about 1,300 companies and government offices have adopted it. It achieves efficiency and speed by regulating work with workflows, creating paperless workplaces and preventing forgotten or overlooked tasks through the use of push notifications. More and more customers are adopting it as part of efforts to overhaul their working styles. It's an all-in-one package of functions to comprehensively support peripheral business. It can be installed without customization and can be flexibly integrated with many mainstay systems.
Note: POWER EGG is a registered trademark of the Mitani Sangyo group company D-Circle Inc.

Internet Data Center

An Internet Data Center whose security level exceeds that required for national defenses

We have an Internet Data Center (IDC) that has received the highest information security rating of AAAis* continually since 2012, and we offer a cloud service that makes use of it. We decide on specifications in face-to-face meetings with customers to offer a secure, fine-grained service that meets the needs of each individual company. Today this service is being used by corporate customers of all sizes in various industries.
*Information-security level evaluated by the third-party ratings company I.S. Rating Co., Ltd.

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our most important barometer

Customer satisfaction is not just a slogan, it's our most important business barometer that's incorporated into our key goal indicators and employee performance appraisals. We emphasize "knowing the customer" when we define our requirements, and that begins with understanding the customer's work process through site visits, user interviews and more. Leveraging the advantages of being an independent systems integrator, we choose technologies and products from the viewpoint of maximizing the efficacy of customers' system investments and propose combining them in the best possible ways.

Offshore development in Vietnam since 2001

Offshore development in Vietnam since 2001

Mitani Sangyo began systems offshore development in Vietnam in 2001. We have in place a structure that accumulates expertise from long years of experience, achieves mutual understanding of differences in culture and values, and then comes together to develop. Today 100 engineers work in systems development at our Group company AIT Inc.
We are energetically educating Vietnamese engineers in Japan with an emphasis on the Japanese language and ICT, of course, but also on learning Japanese business practices. Engineers who receive this education become bridge systems engineers who lead local development in Vietnam. They make high-quality systems development possible while achieving speed and low cost at the same time.

Group company in Vietnam: AIT