Mitani Sangyo Co., Ltd. Mitani Sangyo Co., Ltd. Mitani Sangyo Co., Ltd.

We produce and sell health food materials that utilize natural materials, and sell a variety of food additives, electronic materials.

Main Product Line

Health food materials
Chitin degradation products Various lipids Various minerals Various saccharinities
Protein degradation products Polyphenol    
Electronic materials
ITO target Copper sulfate Copper oxide Silicon wafers
Copper ball      
Food additives
Organic acids (citric acid, tartaric acid, lactic acid, etc.) Various vitamins Extract
Saccharinities (glucose, sorbitol, etc.) Various seasonings Various colourings
Detergent Defoamer Rust inhibitor Catalysts

The above products are handled by

  • Besides the products listed above, we also deal in various kinds of products and imported products.

Production of Health Food Materials

N-Acetylglucosamine (NAG): Ingredients to Finished Product

Business tie-up with Yaizu Suisankagaku Industry Co., Ltd.

In August, 2008 we formed a business tie-up with Yaizu Suisankagaku Industry Co., Ltd. in production of health food materials and in November, 2008 established Aureole Fine Chemical Products Inc. in Vietnam, which is a manufacturing subsidiary of chitin degradation products.


is the biogenic substance that exists in human body. It is used as the material of the supplement for arthrosis.