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By utilizing storage tanks, chemical warehouses and ISO containers, we provide a stable supply of chemicals to suit our customers' needs.

Main Product Line

Soda chemicals
Hydrochloric acid Liquid chlorine Sodium cyanide Sodium chlorate
Sodium hypochlorite Caustic soda Soda ash Sodium perchlorate
Sodium hydrogen carbonate Sodium chlorite Calcium chloride Metallic sodium
Ammonia chemicals
Sodium nitrite Ammonium sulfate Nitric acid Ammonia water
Liquid ammonia Urea Sodium nitrate  
Acid chemicals
Sulfuric acid Acetic Refined sulfuric acid Methanesulfonic acid
Phosphoric acid Sulfamic acid Oxalic acid Hydrofluoric acid
Wastewater treatment chemicals
Polyaluminium chloride Polymer coagulant Poly iron sulfate Aluminum sulfate
Calcium hydroxide Activated carbone    
Sodium sulfite Copper chloride Copper oxide Hydrazine
Sodium aluminate Hydrogen peroxid Sodium bisulfite Glauber's salt (sodium sulfate)
Sulfur Sodium persulfate Bromine Potassium iodide
Liquid chlorin Caustic potash Sodium hydrogen carbonate Iodine
Aluminum chloride Activated carbon Sodium hydrosulfide Cobalt sulfate
Thionyl chloride Ammonium persulfate Potassium carbonate  
Ferric chloride Potassium persulfate Calcium carbonatee  

The above products are handled by

  • Besides the products listed above, we also deal in various kinds of products and imported products.

Usage Example

Hydrochloric Acid


This is a technique of shaping or surface fabrication, applying the corrosive action of chemicals and so on.

Regeneration of Ion Exchange Resins

Caustic Soda

Dissolution of Chips

Add a mixture of "caustic soda and sodium sulfide" to chips, treat them at high temperature and pressure then extract pulp.


Sulfuric Acid

Electrolyte (Lead acid battery)

Storage/Logistics Base of Inorganic Chemicals