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We procure, manufacture and deliver chemicals and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs)

Business Overview

This is our business of manufacturing and selling chemicals, functional materials, pharmaceutical and agricultural intermediates and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) used in production by manufacturers in a wide range of fields. We also purchase valuable by-products and waste and coordinate their effective use.
In our many years of business, we have built strong networks in Japan and overseas. We can procure various chemicals that meet our customers' needs. Our storage bases in Japan and Vietnam make possible a stable supply of chemicals in compliance with BCP standards. The power of our Group partners and our plants in Japan and overseas replete with excellent production systems and facilities enable manufacturing with superior quality, cost and delivery.
We now plan to proactively engage in the development of new materials that can be used in other business fields. To be a manufacturing partner for our wide range of customers, we are working to improve our technical ability and thrive amid globalization.

Business Overview
Inorganic Chemicals

Using the power of our Group companies and partners, we realize product manufacturing with superior quality, cost and delivery

We have been dealing with various chemical raw material manufacturers since before WWII. We can procure a wide variety of chemicals through the networks we have built in Japan and overseas. We've also built relationships of trust with our partner companies that manufacture and process. We're well-versed in the strengths of each company, so we can engage in processing that makes the most of their areas of expertise, of course, and also coordinate their skills to manufacture and deliver the chemicals that meet our customers' needs.
For active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), we have built partnerships with overseas manufacturers that have advanced technical ability and are compliant with Japan's good manufacturing practices. We manufacture and sell high-quality pharmaceutical intermediates and APIs.

Pharmaceutical Intermediates / Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

A system and facilities on a par with those of chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturers

For chemicals, we have established a quality assurance & control department on the level of a chemical manufacturer's as well as a contact center to take inquiries about delivery. We also have on our staff many former chemical manufacturer employees and personnel with a variety of qualifications. For APIs, we have established a Pharmaceutical Affairs Control Department. In addition to catching wind of pharmaceutical manufacturers' needs early and pursuing a patent strategy, it manage everything from manufacturing to shipping and controls quality assurance and the like. Our Toyama Yatsuo Plant boasts complete equipment and a complete manufacturing system that can stably supply high-quality APIs.

Organic Chemicals

A safe, secure and stable supply from our storage and distribution bases in Japan and Vietnam

We have storage tanks for storing chemicals in four places in Japan and two in Vietnam. We have built a BCP-compliant stable supply structure based on the distribution network we have cultivated. In Japan, our quality control team cooperates with contracted shipping companies and manufacturers to continuously raise awareness of the importance of safety and quality. In Vietnam, we analyze arriving raw materials and all shipped product lots based on Japanese quality control standards. We have built an in-house transportation structure that emphasizes safety and security.

In Vietnam, we manufacture environmental and food products

In Vietnam, we manufacture environmental and food products

Aureole Mitani Chemical & Environment Inc. (AMCE), one of our Group companies in Vietnam, is one of the first companies we established as a base for Mitani Sangyo's manufacturing in Vietnam. It purifies chemicals and raw materials needed for wastewater treatment, and in addition to analyzing the components of wastewater, it offers a wastewater and waste liquid treatment service.
Aureole Fine Chemical Products Inc. (AFCP) uses natural Vietnamese materials such as shrimp, crab and cashew nuts as the main ingredients to manufacture materials for functional foods, functional livestock feed, etc. Its processes include acidic cleavage, neutralization, filtration, concentration, crystallization and powder drying. Though it is an overseas factory, it has received Japan's GMP certification for health foods (raw materials), and it is working on the effective use of Vietnam's natural materials through an industry-academia partnership.

Group company in Vietnam: AMCE