We carry out renewal of air conditioning equipments along with holding a long-life to the life-span of buildings even a little longer.

Total Support for Renovation

We provide a total support from initial planning & design to after-care maintenance.

[Example of Project Proposal]

On the renovation of air conditioning facilities, we propose which equipments should be chosen and present a running cost comparison, a trial calculation of life cycle cost and etc. Moreover, we also clearly explain the process of work.

[Example of Maintenance Proposal]

Regarding maintenance, we also assume factors of possible troubles and propose the measure to solve them. In addition, we provide a guide of measures which you can take beforehand to be prepared for troubles.

Equipment Diagnosis

Flow of Equipment Diagnosis

We diagnose the use application, status of use, degradation level of the building and make a proposal for renovation and energy conservation from different angels of view.

Equipment Diagnosis
Whole Facility Diagnosis


Construction Without Leaving Home/Office

This is a renovation work which could be carried out while utilizing functions of the building.
About office buildings etc., we carry out construction works on weekend no-business days.
Specially, we thoroughly consider your health with clean clothes and work area with sensitivity.

Subsidy Application Assistance

We assist you to prepare the application document for subsidy from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, NEDO.

Construction Example

Air-conditioning equipment renovation construction

Air-conditioning equipment
construction for Server room
Value up for WC

Construction Projects

A Repair work for Keizu building - Uchisaiwai cho Tokyo Air-conditioning and hygiene renovation
Repair work for Germany Cultural Hall Tokyo Air conditioning renovation
Tokyo Sea Life Park measures for controlling global warming construction Tokyo Air-conditioning extension
Exhaust equipment for NIKKO's Saitama factory Saitama Prefecture Improvement of environment in factory
Sagami chemical Industry extension construction Tokyo Factory production piping
Value-up construction work for Higashi Ueno building Tokyo Renovation construction of WC
B Repair work for ACCESS Makuhari Nakase building Chiba Prefecture Air conditioning renovation
C PFU Renewal work for heat source of B building Ishikawa Prefecture Heat source renewal
Renewal work for heat source of Fujitsu IT Products Limited Ishikawa Prefecture Heat source renewal
Renewal work for air conditioning facilities of Ishikawa Agricultural Hall Ishikawa Prefecture Air conditioning facilities renewal
Rectification work for water supply pipe of Certain Condominium Toyama Prefecture Water supply pipe rectification (lining method)