We not only conduct PJ patrol by technical section chiefs but also check over quality and safety of each field site by Air Conditioning Corporate Division to improve quality and safety.

Construction Management (Quality Improvement) Routine "Inspection/Patrol"

Efforts to Control Safety

Safety Patrol (once a month)

[ Checking and improvement indication ]

1. Work facilities and working environment
< Safety and health patrol check list >

2. Working conditions and health conditions of construction manager
Overtime working and physical and mental stress
< PJ working conditions check sheet >

3. Working status of workers
Stopping dangerous works, prohibiting workers from entering sites
< Safety and health patrol check list >

4. Safety control documents preparation
< Construction organization ledger, workers list and etc. >

5. Work procedure preparation and working check
(Lifting work, high-place work and etc.)
< Appropriate arrangement of workers >

Safety and Health Conference

[ Management of annual events ]

< Participation in general contractor-sponsored safety events >
1. Safety event (twice a year)
2. Safety and health conference of each project (once a month)
3. Safety patrol of Special Safety Conference

< Our safety and health cooperation's event >
1. Safety event (in Tokyo capital region and Hokuriku region)
2. Safety patrol (four times a year)
3. Safety slogan competition
Safety slogan, safety poster distribution and etc.

Education and Evaluation

[ Education and evaluation for employees, cooperating companies ]
1. Evaluation of cooperation companies' safety control
Evaluation is conducted in safety patrol and
the results of evaluation will be reflected in terms of order when Estimation Procurement Department places an order.

2. Introduction of safety award

3. Safety education (2 times in Tokyo capital region and 2 times in Hokuriku region
・Oxygen deficiency hazard training
・Foreman training (including risk assessment)

4. Check the implementation of safety education for employees (technical section)
Safety check sheet (primary level~advanced level)

5. Safety documents in-company management
・Workers list
・Construction organization ledger

6. Check and update work procedure
・Update our standard procedures and etc.
・Check work procedures which has been prepared in each project

Response in case of a disaster

[ Relief of disaster victims and recurrence prevention ]
①Contact quickly all related parties.
②Workers' accident compensation claim procedure (Reports of worker's death, illness and injuries, etc.)
Hospital/Competent inspection office, etc.
③Emergency safety meeting to keep everyone informed
Accident detail report, measures for preventing a recurrence
④Consolation payment to the accident victims
⑤Disaster site supervision and management (resident at the site)