Based on other qualifications which we hold related to air conditioning facilities, we install various kind of facilities.

Fire Fighting Equipment Installation

  • Indoor fire hydrant system
  • Foam extinguishing system
  • Sprinkler system
  • Dry-chemical extinguishing system
  • Outdoor fire hydrant system
  • Inert gas extinguishing system

☆Over 70 percents of our engineers have the fire protection engineer licence, so we can consistently install the fire fighting system on our own.

Automatic Control Equipment Installation

  • Central monitor and automatic control system
  • Design, installation and maintenance of system construction and electric construction
  • Maintenance of building facilities (air conditioning facility/sanitary facility/electric facility)

Refrigeration and Freezing Equipment Installation

  • Fridge-freezer for professional use (prefabricated building) 
  • Refrigerator system installation
  • Low temperature air conditioning equipment