General Director Hiroyuki Yonezawa

Founded in February 2014, our company is responsible for internal control, business management, human resources management, legal affairs and safety management for 6 Aureole Group companies which are subsidiaries of Mitani Sangyo Co., Ltd. in Vietnam (excluding AXIS). We have contributed to the prompt and accurate adoption of Mitani Sangyo's Policy within Aureole Group through our cross-functional model. With the diversification of business and the increase of local staff in Vietnam to more than 2,000, AXIS, more than ever, recognizes the diversity and complexity of the problems, and is committed to acting as a bridge between Mitani Sangyo and Aureole Group to persistently attend to various ideas and requests from both sides to minimize potential risks.

In addition, with regard to improvement activities and efforts to strengthen organization's capabilities that many Japanese companies in Vietnam have tried and failed, we have recently conducted training programs such as "Reteaming" at each Aureole Group company, and as a result, many of our staff members have training and development opportunities. In the future, we will take the next step in improving our training program.

The word "INTEGRATORS" in our company name is understood as "where employees gather and get connected". Aim to be a group whose organizational structure are connected (strengthened) by people, and a workplace where Aureole Group employees wish to contribute more to the company and feel motivated, we will continue supporting and encouraging our employees to let their voices be heard and to actively take action on their own.

General Director Hiroyuki Yonezawa


Main business

Internal control
Promote establishment of rules, regulations and their application to improve internal control within Aureole Group
Business management
Promote standardization of business processes in Aureole Group to improve efficiency and improve business quality
Human resources management
Promote establishment of personnel system and labor management in Aureole Group, and create a workplace where employees feel motivated
Legal affairs
Update legal documents and analyze to reduce legal risks in Aureole Group
Safety management
Promote safety activities at workplace and aim for zero accidents in Aureole Group


Company name Aureole Expert Integrators Inc.
Founded date 6th Ferbruary 2014
Head office

Ha Noi City, Vietnam

7th floor, Technosoft Building, Cau Giay Industrial Zone, Dich Vong Hau Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi, Vietnam

  • Tel: (+84)-24-3795 7390
  • Fax: (+84)-24-3795 1828
Representative General Director Hiroyuki Yonezawa

Ho Chi Minh Branch

22th floor, AB Tower, 76 Lê Lai, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam [Map]

  • Tel: (+84)-28-38218823
Description of business Internal control, Business management, Human resources management, Legal affairs, Safety management in Aureole Group
Number of employees 19 persons (As of September 2021)


We are not recruiting at present